Qsync Smartphone/Tablet Control

Q: What is a synced group?

A: The Qsync has a unique feature where once it is configured by a phone or tablet, the next ones to connect to the Qsync will download those groups, and not need to configure them all over again.

Q: Why can't I change synced groups?

A: This is a security feature to ensure that guests cannot edit the groups and cause mayhem in the Qsync configuration. Synced groups can only be changed from the original device, or by resetting the Qsync. There are options in the QMotion app for Qsync which walk you through this process.

Q: How many shades can by placed in a group?

A: You may add an unlimited number of shades to a group.

Q: What if I cannot put the Qsync close enough to control my shades?

A: The Qsync is compatible with the Qrelay which can help in situations where the signal cannot reach the shades.

Q: How many groups may I create in a Qsync?

A: 491 groups may be created on a Qsync.

Q: Can I use any wifi router with my Qsync?

A: Yes. Any wifi router can be used with a Qsync. However, remember, you need to be able to connect to the router with your smartphone or tablet to control shades with the Qsync. This means, we strongly recommend attaching the Qsync to your main router where you usually connect for home or office internet access.