Roller Shades

Q: Can fabrics be changed on my existing hardware?

A: Yes, if you have a Qadvanced or Qfree roller shade made after November 15, 2012, then you have our 2nd generation system. Because of our “spline” fabric attachment system, shade fabric can be swapped. There may be some limitations due to fabric weights and thickness. You can contact your authorized Qmotion dealer or QMotion customer service at 877-849-6070 for more information.

Q: How many colors/fabric options are available with roller shades?

A: QMotion currently offers nearly 200 different colors and styles of roller shade fabric! Among these are a range of screen materials, colors, blackouts and more. For more information on fabrics you can click on the Products tab at the top of the page. You can also request samples through an authorized QMotion dealer.

Q: How long will the batteries typically last on my QMotion roller shades?

A: There are many factors that affect battery life including usage, shade type, shade size, battery freshness, and environment, but our testing based on 4 movements per day has indicated 5 years, or more, of battery life. Taller shades (over 8 feet tall) may see some decreases, but the batteries should still last exceptionally long.

Q: My ZigBee shades sometimes are not responsive.

A: Typically, when a ZigBee shade stops responding to commands, it is probably because it is not "on the network". This situation could mean that there may have been a power failure or perhaps a device to build the network has been disconnected or relocated. Start by identifying that the system is fully powered, including any gateways and range extenders. Also, verify that all devices are located properly to support the network. A Dealer may need to verify this with you. Once everything is back and powered up, it may take up to 15 minutes until devices are working again. You may tug a roller shade to help it find the network faster.