Buying QMotion Products

Q: Does QMotion sell direct for my home or office?

A: QMotion products, while quite simple to install and use, are sold through our dealer network. This helps us ensure the best possible experience for you with our products. You can find the dealer nearest you by using our dealer locator or by calling 877-849-6070.

Q: Are QMotion products still a good value, even if they are only available through dealers?

A: QMotion dealers are trained to help select the right product solution, and to be sure that it is measured and installed correctly. This means that you can expect your experience to be professional and satisfying. When properly selected and installed, greater satisfaction is to be expected.

Q: How do I find a QMotion dealer in my area?

A: The best way to find a QMotion Dealer near you is by using the dealer locator, which will indicate if a trained dealer is in your area. If no dealer appears locally, we may have added some since, or have other ways of helping you, please call 877-849-6070 for assistance.

Q: Does QMotion sell shades internationally?

A: Yes, if you are outside North America please call +1-850-208-3400 or visit www.qmotionshades.com for more information on our partnerships abroad.

Q: How can I get pricing information?

A: Pricing is only available through an authorized QMotion Dealer. While we would like to provide reference pricing for our products, prices vary by window size, fabric selections and other options.