Q: How do I select the right openness for a screen?

A: The range of opennes factors for screens indicates the amount of solar protection offered. The lower the numbers, the more visual light and UV light will be blocked. Typically, darker colors will block glare more. If sun light is a significant concern, a smaller openness screen may be required. To keep more of the view, use a larger opennes factor.

Q: Can I use two solar shades on the same window?

A: While the easy answer would be yes, the results may not be what you would expect. With two screen shades, or a screen shade with an insect screen in the same window, there may be strange visual effects, called moire effects. These can be visually dizzying for some. We recommend choosing the best solar shading option, and using dual shades with only a single solar shade fabric on one of the shades.

Q: What is better, a roller shade or a honeycomb shade?

A: In truth, this is either a matter of taste or a matter of your objectives. If the major reason for purchasing shades is for insulation, then Qmotion Honeycomb shades are the way to go. If, on the other hand, light management or privacy is a goal, then consider our full range, and choose the product that looks best in your d├ęcor or offers the appropriate lighting combination.

Q: Do Qmotion roller shades require a fascia or a cassette?

A: Qmotion bracketing is sleek and unobtrusive. However, cassettes and fascias offer a smooth finish to the top of a roller shade.

Q: What different types of shading systems does Qmotion offer?

A: Qmotion offers several styles and types of window shades besides motorized roller shades. Our selection includes: motorized honeycomb shades, manual cordless shades (Qfree), and also a manual clutch controlled system (Qbasic). To select the best choices, spear with your Qmotion dealer.

Q: If I pull on the shades, will it damage the motor?

A: No, pulling on the hembars of Qadvanced shades is okay to do. In fact, Qmotion motorized shades have a patented manual override feature which allows users to control the shades manually by pulling on them.