Q: Will Qbasic or Qfree be discontinued?

A: No. All three products are still in the line: Qbasic, Qbasic+ and Qfree

Q: Will the tubes be equipped with battery holes when shipping?

A: Yes. The tubes will all be perforated at shipping. The perforated tube will have a cover over the battery replacement slot so as not to damage the fabric. That needs to be removed and replaced with the battery cover when upgrading to motorized.

Q: If someone orders a Qbasic+ shade with a right clutch, what happens if they decided to order the motor kit and it’s a battery motor?

A: We are adding a new reverse battery MCA for the product offering for Qbasic+. So, shades can be manual as left/right standard/reverse, and we will have the right replacement MCA without needing to ship springs.

Q: Which bracket is adjustable?

A: On the manual Qbasic+ shade, the side with the chain is adjustable. On the motorized shade, both sides have brackets that can be adjusted by raising or lowering during installation.

Q: What motors can be used for the upgrade?

A: Upgrade kits are available with any currently supported QMotion control protocol.

Q: If I want to upgrade to a wired system, like QIS, how do I do that?

A: Start the project thinking about this, especially in new construction or in a home that will have wired shades in other rooms. If there is a chance that shades may be upgraded, start wiring for the desired system when wiring for other motorized shades.

Q: What is the benefit of the springs inside on the manual shade?

A: The internal spring systems on the manual shade makes raising and lower the shade smoother and requires less pull force. It also is there to be ready for the motorized system, as that same system will support it.

Q: If it is so easy to upgrade, why can’t homeowners just do that upgrade themselves?

A: QMotion shades all are designed for professional installers, to ensure proper leveling, performance and programming. Training given by QMotion supports the professional installers in getting it right.

Q: What is the maximum size I can get a Qbasic+ shade?

A: Depending on the selected fabric and its own capabilities, the Qbasic+ system can be used for shades up to 10ft wide by 10ft high.

Q: Does Qbasic+ have the patented manual override feature?

A: No, the Qbasic+ manual shade is ONLY chain controlled and does not have manual override operation. Upon conversion to a motorized shade, then it will have the standard manual override feature.