Taller Shades

Q: Now that QMotion shades are available at 15 feet tall, what shades can I get in this new height?

A: All QMotion motorized shades are available in the new size offering. Manual shades, including the Qbasic and Qfree shades, each have their own maximum height and are not available in 15 feet at this time. Also, not all fabrics are available at this height.

Q: So you mentioned fabric limitations. What are they and how do I learn more about that?

A: Each fabric in our collection is manufactured with its own specifications. These specifications can, at times, limit their capabilities. You can learn about the size capabilities of each fabric in our offering by referring to our fabric charts in the Product Guide (found in the brochures tab in the support center).

Q: Will the taller shades use more electricity or will they consume the battery faster?

A: Certainly taller shades can be expected to travel for a longer time and use more energy when moving the full length. So, yes, a shade travelling the full height can be expected to consume batteries slightly faster than smaller shades; however, batteries for taller shades will still have the same life expectancy.

Q: What about installation? Are these using new brackets?

A: The taller shades use our larger brackets, which we were already using for shades at our previous maximum sizes. The taller shades install using the same instructions and the same brackets as our previous tallest shades did.