Q: Does my Qube system work with the new QzHub app?

A: No, any existing Qube system will need to use the Qube app. Though the Qube will continue to be supported by QMotion, any new QzHub systems will require the new QMotion QzHub app.

Q: Do I need to buy new shade motors or range extenders to work with the new QzHub?

A: No. Your current QMotion Motorized Shades and extenders will still work with the new QzHub.

Q: Do I have remote access to my system through the QMotion QzHub app?

A: No, but once your shades are connected to the app on your local network.

Q: How do I know what drivers are supported and where do I find them?

A: Because we offer 3rd party integration, options for control have never been easier. Please visit the QzHub product page for updated driver support information.

Q: Are timers available?

A: Though that feature is currently not available, we are always looking at ways to improve and enhance the experience of our products.

Q: Is the QMotion QzHub a commissioning app?

A: Yes, but it is also an end-user app giving the homeowner ultimate control at their fingertips.

Q: I don’t like my current shade upper limit. Is there an easy way to fix this?

A: Once your shades are connected to the app, you can adjust using the new nudge controls on the setting limits page.

Q: Can you authenticate (commission) other devices without having to physically get to the QzHub device?

A: It is possible to do this through the app under Settings but only after you have physically pressed the Authenticate button at the hub when setting up your first device.

Q: Can I set the upper and lower limit with the app instead of tugging on the shade?

A: Sure. Once your shades are connected to the app on your local network, you can adjust the new limit using the nudge controls on the setting limits page.

Q: What's the benefit of creating shade groups?

A: You'll want to do this for consistent control. In the app, go to the Add Devices page and tap the "+" icon to create a new group. You can also create a group on the Edit Groups page.