Koolblack Shades                    

KOOLBLACK™ Technology is a patented technology that enhances dark colored yarn’s heat reflectivity by increasing its near infrared reflection (NIR).

While conventional dark screen shade fabric provides superior view through and exceptional glare control, it absorbs the energy that is created by near infrared wavelength. A dark screen fabric with KOOLBLACK™ Technology enables the shade fabric to reflect more solar heat, therefore, absorb less energy. As a result, KOOLBLACK™ Technology increases the energy efficiency of dark solar shade fabrics to levels comparable with light colors!

Only dark solar shade fabrics with KOOLBLACK™ Technology provide window coverings with exceptional glare control, comfortable view through and elegant streetside aesthetics while reducing heat.

KOOLBLACK™ Technology:

  • Features dark screen shade fabrics
  • Offers up to 23% improvement in SHGC/G Value
  • Reflects NIR solar energy
  • Enhances heat control and reflectivity
  • Increased energy savings

Conventional Dark Color Solar Screen

E Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology

Conventional Dark Color Solar Screen E-Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology


G-Value or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is a measurement of how effective a glazing system (glass + window shade) is at blocking solar heat. The lower the G-Value, the higher the heat reflection which equals less solar heat transmittance.

Rs = Solar Reflectance • As = Solar Absorbance • Ts = Solar Transmittance