Take Advantage of Daylight Saving Time with Daylighting and Daylight Harvesting Strategies March 7th, 2018 By: Mary Placido

One-hundred years after Daylight Saving Time was enacted in the United States, strategies of open-plan concepts, adding skylights/windows, and utilizing lighting control and advanced shading technologies have developed to allow homeowners and businesses to make optimal use of natural light all year long.

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Legrand Shares What’s in Store for Commercial & Residential Lighting Controls in 2018 February 5th, 2018 By: Mary Placido

The biggest trends in shading and lighting controls from 2017 come to greater realization this year.

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Legrand Announces Amy Hahne as New Vice President and General Manager of Shading Systems January 9th, 2018 By: Mary Placido

Legrand, North & Central America recently announced the promotion of Amy Hahne as the new Vice President and General Manager of Shading Systems for its Building Controls Systems (BCS) division. 

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